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Note: Never take these courses without completing the VA 101 Version 3

Bonus Content: VA 101 1st Version (Not the best Version Anymore)

ūüĒ•Important Free TutorialsūüĒ•

How to become a Virtual Assistant VA 101 (Tagalog) - First Version - Original (NO LONGER APPLICABLE)

Amazon Dropshipping Basic Product Research (Best Method for me) 15:06 Start of the Video

AMAZON FBA Local supplier Wholesale Product Research - Easy Tutorial (Tagalog) Tutorial starts 10:14

How to get 1 year of Virtual Assistant Experience in Just 1 day? - Tagalog - Client Interview Hacks

How to Trick Account Approval in UpWork 2022 - Get your Activated - Declined Application (Tagalog)

How to do Amazon Piggy Back product listing - Tagalog Your VA Buddy version

Quick Product Research - Amazon Wholesale Product research - Lead List Creation

How to use Tactical Arbitrage - Retail Arbitrage Recommended tool for Dropshipping Product Research

Simple 20-30 seconds - Catchy Video Recording Pitch - You can do Better than mine!



  • (2017) Kevin David - Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course¬†


  • (2018) Derrick Struggle - Amazon FBA Heroes


  • (2021) Kevin Sanderson - Amazon PPC Mastery Summit

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  • (2017) James Beattie - Shopify All in One Domination Course


  • (2018) Abdullah Osama - 9 Figure Ecom 3 Day Shopify Online Workshop


  • (2018) Kevin David - Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass


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  • (2017) Dave Kaminski - Wordpress Secrets for Marketers


  • (2017) inLearning - Getting Your Website Online


  • ¬†(2019) inLearning - Building a Small Business Website with WordPress


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Social Media Management

  • (2019) inLearning - Social Media Marketing¬† Real Estate


  • (2020) Jason Capital - Social Media Boss


  • (2021) inLearning - Marketing Tools¬† Social Media


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Digital Marketing

  • (2021) inLearning - Digital Marketing Foundations


  • (2021) inLearning - Marketing Tools¬† Digital Marketing Tools and Services


  • ¬†(2021) Traffic and Funnels - Turbo Templates


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Google Ads

  • (2019) Perry¬† Marshall & Mike Rhodes - Google Ads Mastery


  • (2019) Tristan Broughton - Google Ads Ecom Academy


  • (2020) inLearning - Advanced Google Ads


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E-Commerce & Dropshipping

  • (2019) Chris Waller - The Royal Blueprint


  • (2021) Adrian Morrison - eCom Cheatcode


  • (2021) inLearning - Ecommerce Fundamentals


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Lead Generation

  • (2019) Jimmy Coleman - LinkedIn Lead Challenge


  • (2021) Alex Gray - Lead Gen Masterclass


  • (2021) Justin Sardi - Unlimited Leads Challenge + OTO


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Email Marketing

  • (2018) Ryan Deiss - Email Follow-Up Machine


  • (2020) Chris Orzechowski - Email Copy Academy


  • (2021) Cold Email Wizard - Video Sales Letter Mastery


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More to come Soon !!!

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